Thank You for visiting my web page.

As you know I am Gilbert Gonzalez and I am asking for your vote for Governing Body of The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society.

You may be asking yourself Why?

Simply Put, EVERY LIFE IS PRECIOUS !  Every JW needs to hear the Call to Freedom.

With your help we can make sure all the young and old  "Slaves" of Jehovah in the Branch Offices can Accept Their Birthright of Freedom and not have to wait 1,000 years to be called a Son of God.

By running for GB I also have given you an opportunity to let your voice be heard.

I encourage you to print your voting ballot and send it to Headquarters. Imagine the look on their faces when they see this ballot!

Imagine the "Gossip" that will permeate the Branch Offices. 


Remember what George Washington said,  " Freedom, when it takes root is a plant of rapid growth."  

By sending a ballot to the branch offices you are dropping a seed. Who knows where that seed will land.

Perhaps that seed will land in the hands of a 20 y/o Bethelite.

Together, You and I , have planted and watered that seed. Only God can make it grow. 

So let's be Happy Seed Throwers and send your Ballot to the Branch Office of Your Chosing.


Remember, in "Jehovah's Organization Here On Earth" You Can Vote EARLY & OFTEN. 

You can even vote in behalf of your loved ones who have passed away waiting for Arm-Aggedon  to "Arrive in their Lifetime".


How am I Financing my campaign?  Well, unlike many JDubs , I have a Full Time Job. So I am self funding.



You Can Now Download & Print Your Monthly Time Cards
and Send Them Directly To Watchtower or Your Local Kingdom Hall.
If You Need Hardcopies of 4x6 Postcards you can always email me at
The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses 2022 & 2023

Accept Your Birthright

God Is Your Father And You Are His Son.

Don't Let Any Man Get Between You And Your Father. 

You Can Contact Me at  theofficeofplannedgiving @ gg4gb . com